Warrens Mule Training Center


Laurie began her professional career by starting young thoroughbreds for the track and also completed farrier school in Tucamcari, New Mexico. She then worked as a farrier professionally until a knee injury caused her to stop working full time.

She got her first mule on a whim; it was a problem mule she thought she could fix. This mule helped her to realize what little she knew about mules and how they think. Laurie loves a challenge so this began a lifelong quest to become a better horsewoman by studying under numerous national horse training clinicians, but she credits her greatest teachers as being all the mules who taught her that trust must be gained before a partnership can be formed. Equally important is respect for their handler's leadership. When these things are kept in mind, a mule will give you their heart and doing anything for you. Laurie's passion is to ride in the backcountry, so her specialty is to produce quality trail-riding mules.