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to Warren's Mule Training, where you can find information on our customized training program, the mule breeding operation, and  our  personalized training for the mule owner. Our desire is to develop a  mule who trusts  and repects his handler, so he can be a true partner to it owner. Most of our mule owners purchase a mule to give them the opportuity to explore the backcountry on a fine saddle mule. Our goal is to make this a pleasurable experience on a mule they can trust and relax on.

We also offer full-care boarding, one on one coaching, plus mule evaluations. We also, occasionally have mules for sale. 

What we do


Here you will find our training techniques. 

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Warren Signature Mules

After years of working with problem mules and mules who do not fit their owners needs, we decided to expand our program by producing quality mules to meet the needs of our cliental. 

Warren Signature Mules


Here you will find a list of upcoming clinics we have available.

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Mule Evaluations

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Evaluating your mule


Here you will find our mules for sale.

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Full-Care Boarding

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Who we are

Laurie Warren

Laurie got her first mule on a whim; it was a problem mule she thought she could fix. This mule helped her to realize what little she knew about mules and how they think. Laurie loves a challenge so this began a lifelong quest to become a better horsewoman... 

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Kim Sawyer

Kim is one of those horse crazy girls who was born to ride. Her first experience working with mules was when she came to the ranch in Idaho during summer break 2009. After spending a month riding every free moment, she was hooked...

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Where we are

Laurie Warren's Mule Training Center is situated in the beautiful high desert of West Central Idaho just south of the town of Council.  It is nestled along the Weiser River, with access to miles of  backcountry to  trail ride.

Laurie Warren
Warren's Mule Training Center
PO Box 699
Council ID 83612

1877 Hwy 95

Tel.:     208-253-1119
Mail: info@muleteacher.com