Warrens Mule Training Center

Coming in 2016
Warren Signature Mules

After years of working with problem mules and mules who do not fit their owners needs, we decided to expand our program by producing quality mules to meet the needs of our cliental.  We have expanded our program with the purchase of Heart B Starbuck. We have hand-picked mares to produce quality saddle mules for your riding pleasure. All our mares are carefully selected for their dispositions and conformation. We expect our first foal crop in 2016. Watch our site for availability. 

Babies for sale:

Suede: SOLD

John mule born May 24th, 2016

Cotton Candy x Starbuck

Diva: SOLD

Born March 23rd, 2016

Welcome our new little baby!

Molly mule named Miss Godiva born March 23rd, 2016:

Miss Kitty x Heart B Starbuck


Starbuck was raised by Tom & Bonnie Lee. While at their ranch he produced numerous beautiful mules; we will be standing Starbuck to outside mares starting in 2015. Please call or email for more information. 

Miss Kitty

Kitty was bred by Shelton Quarter Horses, who are known for their outstanding working ranch horses. Kim has started her under saddle and she is an excellent saddle mount. 

Cotton Candy

Also a Shelton Quarter Horse, Candy lives up to her name by having the sweetest personality. She can always be counted upon to meet you at the gate. Candy will be started under saddle in summer 2016.